Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eternity Lies Ahead

A poem inspired by a beautiful experience and plans for the future. Enjoy!

"Eternity Lies Ahead"

Sea sweeps in
with a sloppy rush
sucking back the pebble shore.

click rattle clack

As snowflakes meld
with seafoam

The gulls bob serenely
in the chop.
And I taste eternity on my tongue.

It goes down crystal clear.

I grin.

The waves break around our future
as ears cant buoyantly to hear
the calls of the myriad,

They whisper: play
with us. Cry with us.
Love with us. Share
with us.

The fox-fire in my eyes answers:

A flick of my brush
puffs hoary rime across
the wooden drifters.

The stillness broken, I scamper
back to the den to watch
the sky wrap,
a blanket over the shore.


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