Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Metaphysics of the Social Network #1: Manifestation

This is the first in a series about Metaphysics and how they relate to the new Social Network Paradigm- the Internet and real-world networks beginning to come together. This article is focusing in particular upon the ability of the Social Network to enhance the power of manifestation.

Many people are becoming more and more familiar with the potential of the Social Network to share news and ideas, connect business with customers, share artwork - from music to visual arts- and foster links between people worldwide. However, an overlooked principle is the ability to utilize these networks for the benefit of metaphysical manifestation.

For those new to the topic, 'Manifestation' refers to the ability to create or call into your life the people, resources and circumstances you desire through the processes of forming a thought, followed by injecting energetic intention, followed by acting upon the opportunities created.

The idea of leveraging large groups of people for the purposes of manifestation is not a new one. Church establishments, in particular, are very good at getting multiple congregations to pray for the same thing- literally vocalized intentions, in this case being filtered through a specific deity figure, that serve to increase the amount of conscious intention applied to the object of the prayer.

My first experience with the phenomenon, in fact, came while I was attending Keats Camp- a summer camp that is, like most of the camps in BC, funded by Christian organizations and geared towards converting impressionable youth. One of the staff was a survivor of a rare birth complication- so bad the doctors didn't give him much chance of survival, and if he did survive there would likely be serious brain damage. In response the Pastor of his parents church coordinated a nationwide cycle of prayer in order to help him, and it was these prayers that not only saved his life but let him be a functional member of society. This man would tell the story with such veracity that, though I will never call myself a Christian nor pray to the god of Abraham, I am certain of the inherent truth behind his words. The harnessed intention of humanity is a powerful thing!

Thanks to the wonder of the Social Network, however, one no longer needs the support of a large religious organization to utilize this power of collective manifestation.

The individual manifestation potential of the Social Network became apparent to me when I began my Japanese Language project. While I had some idea of what I wanted to explore about Japan and an idea of where to start, thanks to Khatzumoto at AJATT and Tofugu.com's 100 Best Japanese Learning Resources, there were a few obstacles in my way. With a limited budget I had no idea how I was going to find Japanese in print (the Internet is a great resource, but there's something about turning pages- and I just can't whip out my laptop on the bus!). What sort of Japanese culture could I find in Victoria? I also had to meet some Real Japanese People and didn't quite know where to begin.

Undaunted, I began where I could and started engaging with my project. Along with writing in this blog and posting links on Facebook and Twitter, I would discuss the project in my status updates, with friends, at parties, workshops and the like.

Suddenly, I was finding Japanese in the most unlikely of places.

A friend unearthed a box of classic Japanese manga (circa 1994) in his garage and donated it to the cause. A lovely goddess gifted me with two books on Shinto, Shinto Norito: A Boook of Prayers in the original Japanese with English translations- and a companion book The Meaning of Shinto, which helped fuel my interest in Japans indigenous spiritual culture in addition to giving me a unique way to practice the language! A member of the Brojo loaned me several DVDs featuring Bujinkan Soke Masaaki Hatsumi instructing martial arts techniques in Japanese. To top it all off, a TESL colleague of mine introduced me to a language resource center for Japanese students here in Victoria- all within a week of me starting the project.

All of these returns were completely unsolicited and based entirely on putting the idea into the greater consciousness. The more the Project was shared across the various groups I am engaged with, the more 'feedback' I received. Status updates, progress reports and the like ensured that the project remained alive in the collective consciousness.

Ultimately, my use of the Social Network helped to maximize the number of people aware of the Project, increasing the amount of conscious intention applied and, therefore, enhanced my ability to manifest the tools and situations I've needed to succeed.

Another person who I've observed using this potential to great effect is Dolan Gadoury from Quantum Transformation who has been successfully using Facebook and other social media as part of the manifestation strategy for his Human Potential project, among other things.

The potential for the Social Network to spread and amplify your intentions is endless, so put your dreams and desires out into the conscious space- be it cyberspace or realspace- and harness the Social Network as your Manifestation Station!


  1. Awesome Foxx, great article. I full heartedly agree with these points and feel that social media is a definite manifestation of the rising consciousness of the planet.

    Thank you for citing me in this article, Appreciate You.


  2. Prayer doesn't work. You shouldn't encourage it either, Foxx. There too many ignorant people who choose that over seeking proper medical advice. Intentionality helps, that can't be put into doubt, but not when 99% of them pray and ONLY pray. That's not helping anyone.

  3. Please, if you come in to my space to tell me I'm wrong, and what I should or shouldn't encourage, do so publicly, not through as an anonymous post.

    Yes Prayer DOES 'work'- but we're talking metaphysics here, not medicine. In no way am I suggesting this was the only remedy- of course there was medical intervention taken- but the case was one of those where the physicians declared: "We've done all we can do surgically/medically its all in God's hands." And he made a very unlikely recovery- past what physicians has expected.

    On their own, prayer and intention won't accomplish everything- but I never claim that. Its merely part of the process and the example of mass prayer is to illustrate the ability of large numbers of people focusing intention for positive effect.

    It feels like you missed what most of my post was about...