Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Product Spotlight: HempShield Wood Finish

My friend Brandi brought this awesome new wood finish back from the Seattle Hempfest. I wish I had some of this while I was finishing my parents woodshed this summer...

This is a perfect example of how hemp products, particularly a hemp oil product in this case, can be an environmentally sustainable and friendlier alternative to the petroleum industry. Wikipedia don't lie... hemp oil is damn useful stuff, if you haven't looked at it before. Refined hemp seed oil was even used in the first diesel engines as the primary fuel source.

If that doesn't sound like some stiff competition for certain industries, it was this usefulness that had the plant made illegal in the first place (Looking at you Big Oil!). They were also behind prohibiting the production of ethanol during alcohol prohibition. Go figure.

HempShield is not only a great hemp product, its a direct replacement in an industry where petroleum based products practically have a stranglehold.

Best of all, HempShield is competitively priced! Brandi paid 25$ (USD) for a gallon at Hempfest- compare with Thompson Wood Protector at Home Hardware (25.99$ CAN/gal before tax) this is a great deal.

So if you want to be an environmentally conscious consumer, and give the petroleum industry a 'market-share kick in the ass,' look out for products like HempShield to give that dollar some more impact!

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