Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alone in a Life Worth Living

This article came across my Facebook feed today. Not only does it remind me of my friend Tiger, who wants to run away into the rainforest to live sustainably, reading the story brought tears to my eyes.

In particular this part: "Some of the markings he makes on trees have suggested to indigenous experts that he maintains a spiritual life, which they've speculated might help him survive the psychological toil of being, to a certain extent, the last man standing in a world of one."

Now, forgiving those "experts" whose ethnocentric bias leads them to 'speculate' on the behaviour of another human being, the spiritual life of the remaining indigenous peoples is one of the few things standing between the human race and disaster. The fact that he still honors the spirits of his natural environment, strives to live in concert with them and protect them, is testament to the strength of an individual connected to a web of understanding larger than that of the one that exists merely between human beings.

I am very grateful they have taken steps to protect him and I hope we all hear his story and honor his struggle- which is why I am sharing it here. My heart goes out to the man, against all odds, holds out against the machine of the world pressing down upon him alone.

Peace and Love brother!

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