Thursday, August 5, 2010

Welcome Friends!

Welcome, friends, to this story!

My name is Foxx P. Cant; pirate, shaman, ninja (in training) and Kitsune extraordinaire! This is a record of action and adventure, exploration and excitement, growth and change!

I invite you along on this journey: learn with me, watch me grow! I hope you, too, find the inspiration to author your own reality!

So, to begin! I am human and not human. I am what the Japanese call a kami, a nature spirit. On an energetic level I remain very much a kitsune. If you were to plug me into the Matrix, for example, I would not look human. I chose this biological form for a purpose- to be a bridge between the physical and metaphysical worlds, between the worlds of man and of nature.

How do I intend to bridge these worlds? Well, by making people laugh, dance and sing! By letting every footstep be a dance of joy, letting every word be a song of laughter, letting myself grow into a world of co-creation- planting gardens both of thought and flowers as I twirl through this divine waltz (or is it a foxtrot?!).

This current garden is for cultivating my various skills: music, movement, language, intuition. Above all, however, is the tree at the center of the garden: discipline.

As the focus for this discipline I am undertaking an immersive study of the Japanese language (thanks for the inspiration Khatzumoto!) and of bujinkan taijitsu with the goal of teaching English and training in Japan. Woven throughout this framework is the ongoing development of self through tarot reading, crystal work, music, theater, dance, movement, shamanic practice and meditative reflection.

You will find regular updates of my progress here expressed in many mediums- journal entries, poems, songs, photos, videos, along with daily tarot readings and a bunch of other surprises!

Thanks for joining me and have a great trip!

Foxx P. Cant

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